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Dongle Cables, Smart Cables

Overmolded Electronics, Smart Cables, Overmolding Embedded Electronics

1 Overmolded PCBA With Multiflex Strain ReliefOver molding  embedded electronics is an expanding area in the custom cable assembly industry. As I/O connections in electronic devices become more compact, embedding electronic circuitry within the cable assembly becomes a cost-effective alternative to on -board electronics. These cable assemblies are typically referred to as smart cables, dongle cables, or dongles. We offer dongle cables as well as the widest variety of conventional custom cables.

PCBA Overmolding

With an over molded design, the cable can be soldered directly to the PCBA, thereby eliminating both the material cost for the connector and labour for termination. In addition, for almost the same labour required for moulding a strain relief on the cable, the entire PCBA can be overmolded. This combined with significantly reduced tooling cost and more rapid product introduction  OEMs to lower the costs and reduce custom cable production time.

We provide Smart "Intelligent " Cable Assemblies with the following Capabilities:

     Intelligent Protocol Conversion
     Universal Serial Bus (USB)
     Modem Interface Assembly
     Molded PCB Assembly Configurations
     Ultrasonic Welded Clamshell Products
     Metal or Plastic Backshell Options
     Cable Assemblies with PCB Assembly
     Minimum Length Adapters
     Custom PCB Cable Design
     Custom Power

Advantages of Overmolded Electronic Inserts

In general, Overmolding of a PCBA device is a practical approach when the size of the PCBA is no larger than 10cm X 10cmX 2.5cm and it has a cable attached.

At this point, the real advantages of an overmolded design come into play:

     Reduced cost and lead time for tooling
     Elimination of connector for cable attachment to PCBA
     Improved strain relief for cable exit
     Durability and mechanical resistance to shock and vibration
     Environmental sealing of circuitry
     Security of internal devices
     Cosmetic and functional alternatives

The Injection Moulding PVC Compound used has a moulding temperature between 160 to 180 Deg C and the typical moulding pressure is approximately 30pa.

Direct Electronic Insert Overmolding

Conventional wisdom would seem to indicate that inserting an electronic device into a 30 ton molding press and injecting hot thermoplastic materials at 350F and 400 psi would not be a wise choice.

However, depending on the PCBA layout and component structure, developing a design with an internal clamshell can eliminate many of the obstacles associated with direct overmolding. This configuration can protect the PCBA and provide a consistent substrate for molding (see Figures 5 and 6).The cost of the discreet clamshell is relatively low, as it is an internal part and can often be soft-tooled.

While not a candidate for all applications, and not a good choice with all suppliers, the right combination can make direct PCB overmolding an unbeatable solution.

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