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Custom Molded Cables - Complex Overmolded Cables Ready in Weeks not Months

Custom Computer Cable Assemblies, Custom Networking Cables, Custom Audio Video Cables

We provide overmolded cables and custom molded cable assembly products, to precise and demanding customer specifications. We manufacture in quantities and lot sizes that other company's find difficult to service. As part of our overmolded cable services , we can provide "molding only" using your materials or pre-made assemblies.

We are the worldwide leader in custom overmold cable assembly and injection molded cables. Overmolding to provide strain and flex relief in conjunction with overmolded connectors improves conventional interconnects. Plastic and thermoplastic rubber over-molded cables for OEMs and ODMs are available in weeks rather than months.

Our customers rely on us for a wide range of products and overmolded cable applications: molded cable assemblies, custom cable assemblies, molded-on cables, standard cable assemblies, overmold cables, OEM / ODM cable assemblies,  injection molded cables, insert molded cables, over-mold cables, plastic cable assemblies, injection mold cables, insert mold cable assemblies, over-molded cables, overmolded adapters, connector strain relief, cable grommets, cable management strain relief, cable strain relief, camera link cables / connectors, amphenol molded strain relief, mini cable strain relief, molded cable strain relief , multi cable strain relief, boots, molded boot, network cables, overmolded cable assemblies and dongles.

For critical applications, cable assemblies play a vital role. Users interface with equipment and instrumentation cables on a regular basis. Therefore, the interconnects must be intuitively functional and extremely durable.


Our Services and Cable Molding Capabilities

     Multiple shell sizes, multiple contact configuration options
     Direct overmolding
     PVC, plastic and thermoplastic rubber
     Standard strain relief and flex relief
     Rapid prototype and quick turn
     Low volume and high mix assemblies
     Injection molding / insert molding
     In-house design, development, and manufacturing
     In-house testing
     Serving audio, automotive, electronic, industrial, computer, instrumentation, marine, medical and mil-spec industries.

Molded Inserts

 Custom  Molded Inserts
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 Inserts Overmold
 Inserts Overmolding
 Overmolded Inserts
 Over-molded Inserts
 Molded-on Inserts
 Cable Molded Inserts

 Wire Molded InsertsPlastic
 Rubber Molded Inserts
 Injection Molded Inserts
 Connector Molded Inserts
 Miniature Molded Inserts
 Miniature cable Molded Inserts
 Mini fit Molded Inserts

For Over-molded Cable Manufacturing at its Best



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